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Armin Van Buuren: This is Me

Running time


Year of Production


Country of Production

United Kingdom






Sander Reneman, Nicolas Caeyers and James Barnes

Cast:   Armin Van Buuren


Grammy-nominated DJ and renowned record producer Armin Van Buuren has announced the release of “THIS IS ME” – an original film that tells his incredible story as one of the world’s top DJs. Created in collaboration with digital theater and film producer Hymm, the premiere took place in Amsterdam’s Royal Theater Tuschinski last Spring, as well as a global one-time-only streaming event. “THIS IS ME” is a blend of a concert film and a documentary, combining highlights from Armin’s show-stopping performance at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome alongside intimate interviews with the DJ and his family. Over the last few years, Armin has undergone a radical transformation, coming to realize the importance of staying true to himself and close with his friends and family. Meditation and mindfulness have played an important part in this journey. Armin van Buuren said: “This film shows the transformation that I’ve experienced over the past three years, finding a way back to a place of balance by allowing myself to feel again. It’s called ‘THIS IS ME’ because you’re inside my head, joining me on this journey. I hope you enjoy it.” This high-energy yet intimate film tells his story, interlacing the concert with an exploration of the creative process behind it, the immense pressures and struggles of being a DJ, and Armin’s journey of self-discovery to connect with himself and others again. “THIS IS ME” was co-directed by Sander Reneman, Nicolas Caeyers and James Barnes – experienced show and film directors that have worked with stars including Dua Lipa, David Guetta, and Ellie Goulding and produced using the most advanced 4k and HDR equipment, ensuring a high-quality, cinematic experience like no other.

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